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There are two ways to be involved in this AWESOME and POWERFUL Travel Platform. First as a consumer of our 4 & 5 star curated vacations and second as a business partner & independent representative.

I Just Want to Travel
Become a member of DREAMTRIPS and benefit from Thousands of 4 & 5 star, curated vacations, each month. You can also use our award winning and patented booking engine to book airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruises & vacation hideaways worldwide at a significant discount & guaranteed low prices. DREAMTRIPS is a membership company so we don’t need to make a profit on the vacations, so you save.

I want to travel

I Want to Earn an Income Too.
Worldventures is a direct selling company & provides you with all the tools needed to successfully promote & sell vacation and entertainment membership benefits, as well as, related products & services. Start your own home-based business, full or part-time from anywhere in the world. Enjoy very low start up costs, social media tools, technology, & training second to none & our cutting-edge technology creating a travel ecosystem like Apple has done with App Store and iTunes. Wouldn’t it be great to earn an income & future vacations while YOU’RE ON VACATION?

I want to earn income

Worldventures has a three-part formula for success:

  1. Build the world’s best vacation & entertainment club, enriching lives through exceptional & affordable daily local & global experiences.
  2. Build a family of world-class direct sales people, to give our independent direct sales representatives the opportunity to grow their own businesses and market our great products personally.
  3. Leave the world a better place, committed to community volunteer service and good corporate citizenship.

Our Journey!
WorldVentures founders Wayne Nugent & Mike Azcue (both were Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Regional Finalist) experienced great success in business early in their careers, but both came to realize there had to be a better way to make a living. Wayne always held the belief that work must be about more than money, it needs to be about passion, adventure, & fun. For Mike, success had taken a heavy toll on his family life; the long hours, long miles & slavish commitment to the next new business deal had become a wedge between his personal & professional lives. From these life experiences came a simple business philosophy: help people get more fun, freedom & fulfillment in their lives. And thus was born the WorldVentures lifestyle.

Opportunity, Fun, Freedom, and Fulfillment
WorldVentures has made a commitment to being the most trusted name in the direct-selling industry through our transparent business processes and open management philosophy. WorldVentures is dedicated to helping our Independent Representatives live richer lives: to enjoy unique travel & leisure experiences; to earn extra income doing something they love & to help others improve their lives.

Dedicated to Making a Difference
One of the many unique things about WorldVentures is our commitment to making a genuine difference in the world. We know our actions have the potential to significantly impact the well-being of staff, customers, communities & the environment. Through our own charitable organization, WorldVentures Foundation, & other key partner organizations worldwide, WorldVentures helps support worthwhile causes that promote clean water, cross-cultural understanding & entrepreneurship in developing nations.So what are you waiting for? Lets get on board the WORLD’s BEST TRAVEL CLUB!

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*Membership is with 14 days cooling of period money back – Risk free

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