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honeymoonA day isn’t wasted when a memory is created.

In 2008 this dynamic duo met and realized life would never be the same if they were apart! So, that September 1st, the amazing pair joined forces to be one! The idea of helping others and changing lives always gnawed in their guts so the idea of starting a company to create more memories that lasts a lifetime started to form. Along the way fun was added into their lives. John, an IT technical expert, decided to go back to school and complete his Bachelor’s degree and Dawn decided she needed one. So that same year they both started college courses to assist in their own growth so they could, in turn, find ways to help even more!

As the journey continued, Dawn chose to retire from a 15 year corporate career with Walmart, Inc to take care of their family. Although the internal desire to help others still resonated with them, they knew their family must take precedence. John continued to work in the IT field and completed his Bachelor’s degree in IT Security, helping his family even more.


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kidschildren are blessings

In July of 2011, the vacation opportunity to work from home was proposed to Dawn and, seeing the opportunity to continue to spend time with her children and have a flexible schedule, On Cloud 9 Travel was born! At first, it started out slow and steady, then gained momentum as the ability to help more families add in more vacations, save more money, and even take free vacations was growing!

Knowing that Dreams were being created and memories were made, life was even more fun. The company Dawn and John joined with featured them in their corporate magazine on the leap of faith they had chosen to take.

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San Antonio Training in front of 300 peopleDawn, now a regional speaker for her company, teaches how to effectively use the products and services. She shares how to keep more money in the pocket and make money to go on vacation by shopping at the same stores you always do – changing lives one at a time.

San Antonio Training in front of 300 people. In early 2009, John and Dawn, having one son already, knew they wanted to add even more laughter and embarked on a new journey and started classes to adopt children. With so many foster children in the United States, they knew they would be able to find and love children that God helped them find. After a year’s worth of classes and home studies in early 2010 – April fool’s day to be exact – their first of three sibling children came home. This process continued for the next three months until the whole sibling group was home where they belonged! This completed their family of four children.


In the last four years John, Dawn and their amazing family have taken over 40 vacations and counting! They have an amazing following of customers that have decided more fun, more fulfillment, and more amazing vacations are indeed needed!