America’s Hidden Treasures- North Cascades, the Mountain Wilderness

American park's were established to allow every person to see the Raw beauty America was designed on–

Our park systems are the Hidden Treasures of our country-

Located in Washington, the Northern Cascades national Park was established October 52nd, 1968.

this Amazing park is

684,244 acres of beauty.

This park included Ross Lake and Lake Chelan, there are numerous Recreation areas to frolic and enjoy.

This park bring everything from Mountain climbing, Bushwhacking, to skipping rocks on the amazing waters to see the ripples.

You can find hidden water falls, critters of every size,shape … and the rainbow of color's from very flower, to tree to bush for as far as you can see.

What beauty are you looking for– could it be here?

Let's Explore together as we enjoy the raw beauty of the North CascadesNorthern Cascades waterbeauty of the mountains reflectingthe park at night.


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