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WOW, want to avoid long line at the airport– read here~!
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Global Entry I mentioned yesterday (that got me through security with my shoes on and computer in my bag to the gate in 15 minutes).. so thought I’d give you a few detail to become a “Trusted Traveler”.

Ok guys.. here’s the scoop.. go to and apply .. it’s $100 for 5 years. Once you’ve been preliminary approved, you schedule an interview at your closest Customs center (takes like 15 minutes).. they do a thorough background check, take your pic for the card and walla! Some domestic US airports have a TSA Pre-Check line .. and Global Entry qualifies you to use that.. the big savings for me is coming back into the US where you can bypass the entire waiting hordes doing the shuffle to be sorted by a customs barker to the next CBP agent without a sense of humor. I get to walk right by all of that to the Global Entry kiosk, insert my passport, put three fingers on a fingerprint scanner, it’s takes a quick picture to compare to my onfile one.. and then tells me to proceed to the front of the line to the next available CBP agent! (On my last trip, it would have saved over an hour alone.. still have the hour long line of then grabbing my luggage but hey.. IT IS WORTH IT!) The entire process can take months (depends on interview slots opening.. but they do take standby walk-up interviews)

A couple downsides is Global Entry interview stations are not at every airport.. I live in KC and had to try Dallas and finally last week Denver since I was there for an interview. The other option CLEAR ME is a domestic program but is $175 EACH year, and only at 5 airports in the US. Global Entry will always allow TSA Pre-Check

1. apply
2. set interview when notified
3. do interview
4. receive card and clearance
5. add Trusted Traveler # to all your airlines preferences
6. GO TRAVEL & then wave at your friends waiting in the long line


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