Exploring American Highways- the Scenic route’s

Let's take a Road Trip
Let’s take a Road Trip

Route 66.. Now famous again because of “CAR’S”– What Highways have you Explored?

America, Start your engines– follow the experienced guides and let’s explore our favorite scenic highways!

Here are a list of the top 8 Highway you “MUST” see in a lifetime

1. Vermont 100: Autumn’s Glory Road- Starting in Waitsfield, Vermont to Newport at the Canadian border

2. Blue Ridge Parkway: Highland Journey- Starting in the backbone of the Southern Appalachians to the tip of the Great Smokey Mountains

3. Natchez Trace: The South’s Storied Route- Starting at the edge of the Mississippi all the way to Nashville @ Cumberland River

4. Great River Road: Beside the Mississippi– Starts at the Red wing, follows the major rivers of Mississippi all the way down Through Minnesota, to Iowa and follow to Wisconsin into Illinois.

5. Nebraska 2- Along prairie trails– Highway 30.– here Civilization invades where Nebraska slices through the grassy land to the Sand hills

6. Utah and Arizona Byways: Touring Canyon Country- Canyon Country byways branch U.S 89 between Salina, Utah and Flagstaff, Arizona.

7.US 89: From Glacier to Yellowstone. this Highway annually moves millions of motorists to Glacier and Yellowstone in Montana and Wyoming.

8. California 1 & US 101: Traveling the sunset Coast- The Stormy clouds roll towards Cypress point all along the Cali shore line, routes 101 and 1 provide sweeping views that have been weathers by rain, wind and wave.

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