What I learned from ” Lefty”

Dick' Lefty' O'Neal's Book

Have you ever notice ya gotta be prepared for when something enters your life? If you do not know this let me share what I learned and felt today.

Today I went to an event expecting to have a normal day ( Whatever that is) and instead I was humbled and brought to tears… Let me share what I learned today

"Lefty's legacy-"

1. Pray and it will happen

2. Always be bigger than your problem

3. The secret to confidence is:- "Preparation & Be ready when opportunity arises"

4. It takes persistence to reach a goal

5. Never say NEVER

6. Success is within YOU

7. when you cease to dream, you cease to live

Lefty O'Neal is a man who understands that do not give up– he wanted to play Baseball, and in 1967 was prospected by the Cardinal's. He ended up playing as the "ONLY" White man in the American Negro League, he was a pitcher from 1972-75. He said– "Do not ever let the word's "What if" cross your lips…

If you do not know this amazing man of God and the message he is sharing you will soon. check out "Dreaming of the Majors, Living in the Bush"



his bb cards

dick lefty oneal

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