Shopping your way to a VACATION

Shopping earns you VACATIONS!

Christmas Shopping on the Mind? Hanukkah gifts as well? Well, I ask, "Do you make anything back when you shop?"

What if I told you your shopping this holiday season could nearly PAY for your summer vacation just by doing all your shopping at HOME? You read it right! For the last 2 years I have sat with a cup of hot tea, coffee, heck even a drink of choice, and shopped online and EARNED vacation dollars! My family has taken 19, and booked our 20th, vacation in the past 2 1/2 years and over half were paid in full with the money we made for purchasing the things I would buy ANYWAY!

Christmas shopping, Black Friday shopping, Cyber Monday shopping, After the Holidays Are Over shopping! Let us help you allow those dollars to be used TWICE!

I can show you how to make anywhere from 2% to 28% in VACATION money by buying things like: Christmas toys, books, clothes, heck even.. toliet paper, paper towels, and the fun things like- Kindle Fire, Ipads, video games, or my FAVORITE- "Shoes!"

Imagine if you spent $1,000 for Christmas and you got 28% back– that is enough to take a CRUISE with On Cloud 9 Travel! ( HINT- we have $69 cruise specials MONTHLY!)

Take a look at this survey from American Research Group, Inc.!

45% do shopping online

So the American average planned spending on the Internet is $1,245. That is money " Planned" on being spent anyway ..Why not get something back?


Let us help you "Vacationsooner!", using money you are already going to spend to pay for your VACATION!





Shop, Save, TRAVEL! 

Here is how we HELP you! As a member of this AMAZING, EXCLUSIVE club we help you do more of what you want, when you want, and how you want!

Let us help you Vacation Sooner!


Contact us on and we can help you with this NOW!


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